Beginners Laravel MySql Restful Vue JS Event Management system-Backend 1/2



Simple Vue JS Laravel CRUD Application with REST API Tutorial.
GitHub project source code:
Supportive commands/Code for Laravel Backend:-

A Event Management system – EMS build with Laravel and Vuejs

Installation guide

Clone the repository

git clone my-repo-link ems
cd ems

Install PHP dependencies:

composer install

Copy example environment file to a new .env file:

cp .env.example .env

open .env file and set your mysql db settings


Add application key:

php artisan key:generate

Create your database and change the .env variable accordingly

Run database migrations:

php artisan migrate

Seed the database:

php artisan db:seed

Create a storage sym link so you can access images from the public folder:

php artisan storage:link

Run the artisan serve command to spin up a dev server:

php artisan serve

supportive commands:- To Create new Model(i.e users) and make its migrate(by -m) for new DB table as users

php artisan make:model users -m

For each new model or migration file changes (call all migration up methods)

php artisan migrate

For delete/drop all Tables by using migration files (call all migration down methods)

php artisan migrate:reset

Backend libs/packages and tech stacks

Backend APIS Endpoints

  • host-url/login //Login and get the Bearer token response (verb:Post)
  • host-url/register //Register a new user/admin (verb:Post)
  • host-url/createnewevent //for create a new event (verb:Post)
  • host-url/createnewticket //customer buy new ticket (verb:Post)
  • host-url/gettrendingevents //Get the top 6 trending events
  • host-url/geteventdata/{id} //Get details of specific event by id
  • host-url/getsportsevents //Get all events which has sports category
  • host-url/getfunevents //Get all events which has fun category
  • host-url/getsalesoverview //Get the report of the sales by Tickets Types
  • host-url/getsalesdetails //Get the report of the sales by Events
  • host-url/getbookingdetails //Get the report of the sales by customers ticket purchases

Both FE & BE project folders has own files for installation and run method.





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