How To Save Excel Chart as Image Plus Multiple Charts Export


How to Save Image from MS Excel (Convert Excel to Image) | Easy Ways | How To Save Excel Chart / Graph as Image / Picture | Microsoft Excel Tutorial | How to save an excel chart as an image | Save Excel Charts as Images (Easy Methods) | How to save excel graphs as high quality image

we will show in this video different ways to know How to Save Excel Chart / Graph as Image or Picture. you can quickly save all of your charts as separate images
How to save a graph in excel as a high-quality image without needing any additional software.

There are many different ways of converting an excel chart into an image file. It is possible to print/ save an excel chart as a pdf file directly from excel. An excel chart can also be copied as a picture in different ways and then pasted into another program. It can be pasted into paint and then saved in a number of different file formats depending on the format that you want. It can also be copied into powerpoint and can then be saved as a picture in any software. Finally, it can be saved in a word document. Word has the option of being able to select the resolution of the picture and then converting it into a pdf document.
we will show how to save charts in Excel as images/pictures in JPG or PNG format.And in case you have many charts/graphs that you want to convert to images, you can also use the second method shown in this video – which is to save the Excel workbook as HTML.When you save the Excel workbook as an HTML file, all the charts are automatically saved as images in the PNG format.
Method 1:
For Single Chart Image Export Method
=*select the chart and copy this chart
and open paint or paint 3d and paste this chart 🙂
Method 2:
For Multiple Charts Images Export Method
=*but if you have multiple charts in excel then this job will take so much time so use this method
open excel file and save excel as html
after that your html file will create with same name folder where all images will export
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How To Save Excel Chart as Image Plus Multiple Charts Export