wordpress settings overview p11


This video is related to following points of wordpress admin panel


1.general setting
-how to change site tile and tagline wordpress
-how enable and disable anyone can register user option wordpress
-set default role for new users registration wordpress
-change time zone and email address of admin section wordpress
-change site language of wordpress
difference between site address and wordpress address url(these urls help to Fixing WordPress Images Not Showing Up After Migration & Fixing Broken Links After Moving Your WordPress Site from local to live)
2.writing setting
-how to change default category for new posts wordpress
-change default post format for new posts wordpress
-publish post with email utility overview
3.reading setting
-how to change home page of wordpress site
-change wordpress blog page other than home page
-change number of posts per page on blog and rss feed page wordpress site
-hide search engine indexing for wordpress site or blog
4.discussion or comments setting(slight overview)
-pictures or avatars on comments users for wordpress blog
-how write comment on any post wordpress
5.media setting
-managing of thumbnail,medium and large or original images size settings
-wordpress can automatic organize images name with date and year as a string.
this video has answers of all these above’s questions.


how to change wordpress site tile,writing setting,reading setting change wordpress blog page other than home page,comments setting,media setting etc