how to make mobile camera picture like scan image photoshop



How to remove background from a scanned Document and make it White Background using Adobe Photoshop

-open image in photoshop
-change image mode to gray scale(optional but for best practice)
{Change Grey Background Into White for convert into Scanned Document}

and you can use any method from these 3 methods

Method 1 (Normal)
-create duplicate layers and set/mix light or screen effect
Method 2
-image -~adjustment -~Threshold

Method 3 (BEST)
-image -~adjustment -~level effect  (but must select background color)

in end we will test one more slip photo which is captured by mobile camera we will transform into like scanned white image
{remove background dark on scanned or capture document or slip or from receipts bills}

Still if you think that any noise or unwanted pixel remaining then you can use clone or duster/Eraser tool

After this video you can able to Cleaning Scanned or capture Document /remove spot  document/or fix scan document/ cleaning dark gray and black edges background of documents photos

Good Luck 🙂
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How to Easily remove dark or gray background from capture or scanned Document and make it White Background using Adobe Photoshop.