how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock iphone



How to Unlock iCloud Account of Your iphone?
This video is for educational purposes.please dont use it for illegal activities.
This video help you to understand how Free DNS works.
you can make your own DNS with c++ language if you have public ip server.
when your iCloud Activation Locked.just contact to iphone supports center
meanwhile you can use wifi internet,youtube,soundcloud,games,flashlight camera etc with this free DNS.

Note:this is not a permanent solution to unlock iCloud Activation Locked for that purpose
easiest way to remove iCloud Lock is contacting with owner/buyer,and ask him to remove device from his account.

iCloud Free DNS Regional IP’s (iclouddnsbypass ip’s List)




In rest of the world, type in

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how we can Bypass iPhone Activation Lock Screen skip activation lock screen and use wifi internet,youtube,soundcloud,games,flashlight camera etc