how to fix 100% disk usage in task manager and speedup window 10



how to optimize,speed up or boost up window 10?
how Fix 100% Disk Usage & Improve Windows Performance?
how Disable Windows Search Indexer ?
how disable Windows search and superfetch services?
how scan hard disk bad sectors with chkdsk command ?
how to increase the virtual memory size?
how much virtual memory should be ?
how set custom paging file size for all drivers in window ?
how to delete temp files of window ?
how to delete prefetch file of window ?
how give skype “ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES” write permission?
this video has answers of all these above’s questions.
after all these steps your window speed will faster and disk 100% usages problem will also solved.
good luck


fix 100% disk usage in task manager window 10,how to optimize or boost up window Performance,disable culprit services & apps,increase the virtual memory etc