how to set password lock and unlock drive with bitlocker windows 10



how to use bitlocker in windows 10 for lock any drive
(even if you like to lock folders then put in encrypted drive)
for that purpose follow these video steps
-go to control panel -}Bitlock Drive Encryption
-Turn on Bit locker for desire drive
-and set any password to unlock your drive
-keep secure bitlocker key like upload on google drive or put in external drive(it will help you to remove password from your drive)
-after all bitlocker wizard steps your drive will encrypt and now if anyone move your hard disk to other pc then he/she cant able to view your encrypt your data without key.
-now when you will restart your machine and after boot your drive will lock and for unlock drive double click on it and enter password to unlock
This is all about enabling bitlocker drive encryption
Extra Trick (how to bitlocker auto password lock on sleep hibernate & lock resume)
above method will not lock drive after sleep,hibernate and for user lock/unlock because it will not boot machine it is like resume.

for that purpose you will follow these steps
-make bat file(like bitlocker_drive_lock.bat) for this command
manage-bde -lock e:
(e is your desire drive letter name)
-now make task with  Task Scheduler and trigger should be “On workstation unlock”
and check “Run with the highest privileges” option for run as administrator
-now when you pc will resume like unlock then it will auto lock your drive and it will require password to view drive data like folders and files.

thats all now your drive is fully secured
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tutorial about how to set password lock and drive encryption with bitlocker windows 10