how to get youtube channel all urls



how to grab youtube channel all videos urls links?
how to get youtube channel palylist all videos urls links?
how to play and download free license videos in gom player ?
How to copy all video URLS from a youtube channel?
how to get all youtube urls with firefox addon?
for getting answers of above question must watch video

we will discuss three methods
Method 1 and 2 is related to powershell magical script
method 3 is related to direct fetch urls with “copy¬† urls expert” addon
Method 1 is only works if your desire channel has playlists
otherwise you should use method 3 if channel don’t have any playlist
Method 3 is hybrid and it can work for both cases(Method 1,2).

Get Method 1 Magical script from below video description

how to get youtube playlist all urls
or from “”

Get Method 2 script code from
magical code extended for channels urls grabing(powershell):-

 $Playlist = ((Invoke-WebRequest $url).Links | Where {$_.class -match "playlist-video"}).href
 ForEach ($Video in $Playlist) {
 $s ="" + $Video
 $s =$s.Substring(0, $s.IndexOf('&'))
 Write-Output ($s)
 $vidNum =$Playlist.IndexOf($Video)
 if($vidNum -eq "0")
 Write-Output ($FirstLink)


how to get youtube channel all urls,try any one method from 3 tricks ,to grab or extract all videos links urls from any youtube channel