how to remove google chrome safefinder malware virus



Manually remove any google chrome malware virus related to search engine in 3 steps without using any software.
search engine default redirect virus examples are
Hoho Search virus
this tutorial will guide to permanent way to close all back door so attacker cant hack or hijack your google chrome.
Note(still no success then read this) :
1)go to chrome~settings~search (Set which search engine is used) select google or
which you like then go to~manage search enginesĀ and set google or your desire option
and delete all unknown engine i.e web search,safe search,search feed etc
2) if you are unable to trace backdoor of these viruses then you can take hint from “adwcleaner”
and “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” can help you to identify that which malware services
and folders create problems.(but i recommend you that 1st trace virus manually
because these software also have viruses if you will download them from unofficial site)


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